Why You Need To Set Your Business Intentions - Today!

Imagine seeing a job description with the words, variable hours, unsociable hours, pay variable, objectives and targets: unrealistic, must be able to work alone, the list goes on.  Would this be a job you would apply for?

Nope.  Me neither.

But in reality, this is what small business owners do every day.  We work our socks off, often without defined objectives, often without a clue how many hours we are working and way too often without celebrating our wins and how totally awesome we are.

I think there is a misguided assumption that when you set up your own business, in order to seem and be successful, you have to be working 80 hours a week, staying up to the early hours replying to emails and planning content.  Waking up the next morning and doing it all again, often alongside another job, a family and a life! 

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

In actual fact we need to be setting our business intentions from the outset and telling the business what you are going to do for it.  Be super clear on your intentions for working hours, for what pay you want from the business ( being realistic about this too! ) and what your objectives and daily activity needs to be.

You are in charge here.  Just you.

How many hours can you and do you ‘want’ to work in and on the business?

What will be your daily, weekly and monthly activity?

How are you going to be disciplined?

Have you factored in time for you ?  Time to top up your energy and inspiration?  Time for the supermarket shop ?

Set your baseline intentions today!

Your baseline intentions are simply your contract with yourself in setting the hours you want to work for your business both in it and on it. ( we'll chat about the difference soon! )

So take 10 mins out of your day to set your intentions. Be realistic, be kind to yourself. And you will start to feel more in control. You'll start to feel more focused and you will present the inevitable resentment for your business creeping in at some point because it has taken over you and your life.

This is the first thing I work on with Bloom Members as it's so so important to get these foundations set right at the beginning. But fear not if you are 6 months in business or 6 years, you can still set these intentions today and take control of your business and watch it and you bloom!



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