Are you ready to Bloom?

Updated: Jan 31

So this is it - The Creative Bloom

What - Looking after you and your business

Why - Because it's so important to be your best self and be able to face head on all the crap that small business ownership throws at us

How - Through 1:1 coaching and mentoring, accountability checks, training and implementation support, I'll help guide you through creating a great foundation for your independent business whilst looking after your best asset too - that's you by the way!

That's pretty much it in a nutshell.

I have been there. Cried the tears, drank the coffee, felt the pain. I have ridden, and continue to ride the roller coaster. Sometimes it's totally amazing and sometimes I find myself internally screaming, let me off this frickin' ride!!

I have been lost in the overwhelm, feeling overworked and exhausted with what seems like too little reward.

But things don't need to be like this. You can absolutely do it and you can absolutely have it all - a great balance and a great business.

Taking the step

It doesn't matter if you are just starting out in business and feel a little bit lost or whether you have 12 years of overwhelm to carry on your back, you can totally overcome this and have that amazing business that you have dreamt of. You just need to start. Take the step.

And this is exactly where The Creative Bloom came from. I learnt what I really really wanted and I took control. Set my intentions, looked after me , create great foundations and have the motivation and energy to tackle my goals head on.

You can do it.

The Membership

The membership has a huge accountability element. This is so important to me. It's so hard being accountable in your own business, being disciplined enough to get the job done but also disciplined enough to not self sabotage and let those negative thoughts and overwhelm take over.

That's why as part of the VIP membership, there is a 1 hour coaching call with me. Every single month. Designed to keep you on track, focused on your goals and a session each month for celebrating your wins, setting new goals and looking at challenges you are facing in your business or in areas outside your business.

Alongside the coaching and for the basic membership, there is online training from me and my residents experts who will be sharing their knowledge and expertise on best business practices, social media, mindset, self care, design, branding and the list goes on - I am so excited about working with these epic people!

So you can dip in and out of areas that are relevant to you and your business because we are all on a different chapter. There is no 10 step plan to the perfect business that is right for everyone. No business blue print that is a guarantee. But if you get your intentions set and your head in the game, you're a good way there and will be ready for anything.

Are you ready to Bloom?

I am so excited about this next chapter in my journey and I can't wait to share it with you!

To learn more about the membership and what The Creative bloom is all about pop over to the website

Speak Soon

Beth x




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